miss A 1000 Live Chat Event


ȳϼ. AQE Դϴ.

3 26 miss A 1000 Ǵ Դϴ!!^^

1000 ¾ say A е ̺Ʈ غߴµ.

say A е ǽð ä(Live Chat) Ϸ մϴ.


3 26(ȭ) 8,

Ʈ( miss A ̽( Ͽ ǽð miss A ֽϴ.

miss A ä ȸ ġ !!^^





Hi, This is AQE.

It's been 1000 days since miss A made their debut!!

And these girls have prepared a special event for say A all over the world.


They will host a live webchat on March 26th at 8PM KST via Ustream,

which could be found on our official Facebook page.


So say A, stay tuned to our official Facebook page(

and Ustream( and don't miss this exciting event!!

Thank you^^