• 1. One Step
    2. Only You
    3. Love Song
    4. Melting
    5. I Caught Ya
    6. Stuck



Proud, Sophisticated and Confident, miss A ‘Only You’
Speaks for the Women’s Enthusiastic Love Approach! miss A ‘Only You’

- miss A Returns to Fans with the 3rd Mini Album ‘Colors’ After 1 Year and 5 Months.
- An Album for Confident and Dignified Women.
- An Album that Presents the Performance of Confident and Sophisticated miss A.
- Among the Total of 6 Tracks, 2 Tracks Are Written by Suzy (I Caught Ya) and Min (Stuck).
- Contains Songs with Dynamic and Flamboyant Colors Such as Hip-hop, Trap Beat, Acoustic Piano.

miss A returns with the 7th project album, the 3rd mini album, ‘Colors.’

miss A returns after 1 year and 5 months! As the group received love with the last album ‘Hush’, an impressive song with an acoustic atmosphere, whispering lyrics and dreamlike melody, this comeback album raises sense of expectancy.

The title of the 3rd mini album, “Only You” is striking with popular hip hop and track rhythm and the song speaks for the women’s Enthusiastic love approach.

Starting with the lyrics ‘Only You,’ miss A members’ expression argues that loving a man they want is not banal approach. Produced by Black Eyed Pilseung, who has produced Sister’s ‘Touch My Body’, the straightforward, genuine song is sensational.

In addition, a retro Neo Soul genre song with an urban-style Intro, ‘One Step’ is a charming song whose low Groove, EP and acoustic piano line stand out. A song of seduction, ‘Love Song’ subtly crosses the borderline between mournful and voluptuous with a violin combination harmonized with a trap beat. A work of Dsign Music, a globally famous Norway Producer group with numerous hit songs including Amuro Namie’s songs, ‘Melting’ is simple yet strong song and its polished melody makes the song sexy and restrained simultaneously. A song written by miss A member ‘Suzy’, ‘I Caught Ya’ interestingly describes a scene of witnessing one’s lover cheating. Written by miss A member ‘Min’, ‘Stuck’ describes a dangerous love story about wondering whether to date someone else or not. The album contains 6 songs total. Returning with more mature appearances after 1 year and 5 months, miss A reaches out to its fans with the new album ‘Colors,’

How about being fascinated with miss A’s own confident attraction by listening to ‘Only You’ as the 4 women with different characteristics convey straightforward and confident messages about love?

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