• 1. Come and Play
    2. Hush
    3. Love is U
    4. Spotlight
    5. Hide & Sick
    6. (Mama) I`m Good
    7. Like U
    8. Hush (Party Ver.)
    9. Touch
    10. Over U
    11. Time`s Up
    12. If I Were A Boy
    13. Be Good without a Man



Secret sweet nothings ‘Hush’ by miss A
miss A whispers words of love ‘Hush’ to a lover

- miss A is back in a year with their full-length album ‘Hush’ that has lavish music
- ‘Hush’, the cognominal title song as the album that has a secret message to a lover
- The album with fatal attraction presented by more matured miss A

miss A is back with their second full-length and 6th project album ‘Hush’.
‘Hush’ the cognominal title song provides the impressive dynamic and diverse development based on the unique acoustic atmosphere as it reaches the latter half, quite different from other title songs of miss A. As the song title ‘Hush’ suggests, it presented the kiss and sweet whisper, and a quiver with a lover in miss A’s own aggressive and sincere color and the composer E-TRIBE’s only girlish style is reflected charmingly in the song.
The title song ‘Hush’ is also offered in the completely different mix version ‘Hush (Party Ver.)’ with the strong sound design to enjoy varied magnetism, and, in addition to this, there is the sophisticated and sensual electronic sound, narrowly provocative and classy lyrics, Electro R&B song ‘Come and Play’ which combined a R&B style dreamlike mood and an addictive melody, ’Love is U’, a song of regrets and yearning for an ex-lover with a cheerful beat and a lyrical melody , ‘Spotlight’ with an impressive modern beat along with the 80’s melody, a sad song ‘Hide & Sick’ saying goodbye to a boy friend who cheated on her, ‘(Mama) I`m Good’ that has the unique color and attraction of miss A based on the 60’s-70’s black soul music MOTOWN sound, the groovy drum and dreamy sound ‘Like U’ etc., total 13 songs as a full musical gift for their comeback in a year including the representative songs from last year’s album ‘Touch’ and ‘Independent Women pt.Ⅲ’ such as ‘Touch’, ‘Over U’, ‘Time`s Up’, ‘If I Were A Boy’, and ‘Live Well without a Man’.
With sexier and more matured look miss A says HUSH ! to everyone who has been waiting for them for a long time to be quiet and concentrate on their music

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  • Colors

  • Hush