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    2. Fantasy
    3. One More Kiss



Another female solo artist created by J.Y. Park, Fei makes a comeback with her first solo project ‘Fantasy’!
Led by J.Y. Park, Fei releases her first solo project ‘Fantasy’ on July 21st.
- Following Uhm Jung Hwa, Park Ji Yoon, IVY, and Sunmi, JYP’s sexy queen Fei comes back with her first digital single ‘Fantasy’.
- Shocking and bold! Fei’s unrivaled sexiness has unveiled itself.
- ‘Fantasy’ with Fei’s new charm inside! With her charismatic performance, she has proved her potential.

Fei makes her solo debut as another JYP’s female performance artist.

Fei’s first digital single ‘Fantasy’ with her new charm as a solo artist, not miss A, is a work completed through J.Y. Park’s song-making and producing.

Often referred as the Midas touch in the field of female solo artist, J.Y. Park, with his tenderness towards Fei, has composed ‘Fantasy’, which deliberately expresses Fei’s unrivalled sexiness and charisma. Also, it contains some musical delicacy, allowing Fei to grasp listener’s mind through her deluxe sexiness.  

Fei’s first solo digital single ‘Fantasy’ is composed of 3 songs: the title song ‘Fantasy’, ‘Sweet Sexy Fei’, and ‘One More Kiss’.

The title song ‘Fantasy’ is a song with brit-pop style grooves and R&B fused together, and is almost unforgettable once listened, owing to its dreamy melody and lyrics. Also, its addictive chorus and Fei’s sexy voice strengthens the song’s charm. Captivating lyrics such as ‘It’s okay it’s okay it’s okay, I’m not your girl’, ‘It’s okay to tell me all your fantasy’, and ‘whatever you want, I’ll realize your dream tonight’ arouses the listener’s imagination.
‘Sweet Sexy Fei’ illustrates the situation before the title song, and is a totally new R&B track based on synthesized London-Sound. Another song of the album, ‘One More Kiss’ fully demonstrates Fei’s potential as a vocalist, and is a well-made pop ballad that mournfully illustrates the break-up of two lovers who could not have parted. Fei, who has unrivalled charisma, has effortfully proved herself to the public through her music and performance.

Fei’s first digital single ‘Fantasy’, which contains her shocking sexiness, is deemed to heat up the summer of 2016 and reminding her to the public.

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